The Astrology of the Debtor’s Revolt: Power To The People

The American people have had all that they can swallow with the reasoning that they are the root of the economic troubles of this nation. No longer do the citizens believe that had they managed things better the result will be different. This has its dangers. When you erode the sense of personal responsibility, the people start looking for the cause of the trouble.

Mercury in Virgo turns direct when the Moon is in freedom minded Aquarius on Tuesday. September 29. The moon is at the apex of of Yod, two inconjuncts having the same endpoint. With a Yod, each leg drives their energy into the apex. One leg is Mars in Cancer signaling a need to protect personal interests. The other leg is Mercury, indicating a need to communicate about practical matters.

The moon in socially conscious Aquarius sits as part of a small collection of planets including Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter speaks about law and justice. Neptune speaks about spiritual and moral truth. With Neptune involved this can elevate the situation to the status of a holy war.

Jupiter, the Moon, and Neptune sits on top of the Aquarian Moon in the chart of the United States. The voice of the people is speaks about Aquarian and American ideals of freedom from oppression. Social senses are stirred. Courtesy of Mercury from one leg of the Yod, what bursts on the scene is a slew of communication about these issues. And so, the day before the yod comes to full flower, the video of the debtor’s revolt is reported on news by Good Morning America.

Ann Minch said in a YouTube video Sept. 6 that she was starting a debtors’ revolt and refused to pay any more credit card bills after Bank of America raised her 12.99 percent interest rate to 30 percent.

In an impassioned online declaration, Minch said a victory in her fight was the proverbial first shot of a debtors’ revolution against major banking institutions who she said are abusing the U.S. middle class.

Ms. Minch’s video has inspired a slew of knockoff YouTubes

On Friday, a scant three days after that Aquarian Moon Yod, Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism, A Love Story” debuts in movie theaters across the nation. Mr. Moore has a long history of documentaries that lampoon the power elite and this one is no different. A video of people who recently saw the film in pre-release has them spouting “Power to the People” a phrase reminiscent of the civil rights era.

In Western Astrology, Uranus sitting on the United State’s planet representing home and hearth, the moon, signals a separation from the home. One need not look any farther in the Chart of the United States to understand why there are and continue to be record number of home foreclosures. When one loses ones home it is a sorrow, when a city, such as New Orleans, loses its homes it is a tragedy. When a nation loses its homes it is an outrage, because it indicates a basic betrayal of the system to take care of its citizens.

As a nation, we’ve spent billions in tax dollars to prop up credit card companies and banks who to ad insult to injury when they jack up their rates or do little to help their customers retain their homes. Except for some whining from our financial institutions about needing more bail out money, its pretty much business as usual for them. When are they going to be held accountable for helping to shovel the U. S. out of its financial mess?

Or do they really want to face a full-fledged debtor’s revolt?


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How Chiron Parties in the Houses



Centaurs have a racy reputation since being half beast they are governed by their animal natures. But Chiron, has a more divine origin than the other Centaurs, being the half brother of the King of gods, Zeus. Driven by the conflicting dichotomy between animal needs and his higher nature, sometimes Chiron acts in strange ways. Let’s see how he acts when he visits the twelve houses of the zodiac.

Chiron in the first house, Chiron in the sign of Aries–Here is Mr. Personality, who acts out to get attention. Charismatic as all get out, he’s either the life of the party or the bad boy who enjoys the negative press. Fundamentally, Chiron in the first house suffers from, ta da, a lack of self esteem. Enjoy the Conga party, but if he offers an invitation to hell and back, do not RSVP.

Chiron in the second house, Chiron in the sign of Taurus–A screwed up sense of values marks Chiron here, as he fights and scraps and cling to whatever filthy lucre he can latch onto. He is your worst nightmare if you owe him money or he owes you money. Just try and collect! Tortured as Chiron is here, he needs to learn how to love without a having the meter running

Chiron in the third house, Chiron in the sign of Gemini–Chiron here is like the little child running through Grandma’s house tipping over the collectibles. He has to experience everything, now! The frenetic pace of Chiron exhausts everyone but the Centaur, though he is prone to nervous fits when he doesn’t get what he wants. He needs to slow down to be able to communicate with the earthlings, though he rarely does.

Chiron in the fourth house, Chiron in Cancer–Somehow Mommy seems to fall short on the exalted pedestal Chiron wants to put her on. Perhaps Mommy took away the security blanket too soon, or she wasn’t there enough for him. Interestingly enough, in Chiron’s personal myth, his mother rejected him because of his half human, half beast form. (Had nothing to do with Cronus, i.e. Saturn, raping her in the form of a horse, we’re sure.) Chiron had to raise himself and he turned out just nicely, thank you. However, he doesn’t visit his mother on mother’s day.

Chiron in the fifth house, Chiron in Leo-– “See me, touch me, feel me!” Chiron in the fifth house cries. Like Chiron in the first house, he craves attention. But though Chiron in the first doesn’t care what kind of attention he gets as long as he gets it, Chiron in the fifth only wants accolades. If he struggles too much to gain the recognition he so desperately needs, he gets cranky and pouty and turns on the people who scramble to prop up his shaky self image. You just may want to take a whip into that cage if you try to approach this character when he is that mood.

Chiron in the sixth house, Chiron in Virgo–When Chiron visits the house of the temple virgin he turns all weird, thinking that every ache and pain is a debilitating illness in disguise. He has a nagging feeling that he has to fix something, though sadly he barely has a clue on what or how to do it. As he investigates and questions every physical symptom and homeopathic cure, he has you feeling like you are sick too, sick and tired of his whining. It’s also best that you take all tools away from him as he attempts to repair anything in the house. It is faster, cheaper and easier on your nerves if you hire a professional to do the job.

Chiron in the seventh, Chiron in Libra–Chiron seeks to find himself through others in the seventh house, and quite a search it is. Either he’ll run through lovers like chicklets, or give everything to an impossible love. Long relationships are best for Chiron in the seventh house but only as long as it is a relationship of equals.

Chiron in the eighth, Chiron in Scorpio–Mix Scorpionic alchemy with the half divine nature of the Centaur and you get a paranoid, whoring Centaur or a Holy Seer. Nothing is comes in half measure with Chiron in the eighth, but you’ll hardly be able to figure out which is which due to the Centaur’s ability to camouflage himself in this house. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Chiron in the ninth, Chiron in Sagittarius–Like Sir Galahad, Chiron in the ninth is on a quest, whether it be the Holy Grail, holy smokes or something wholly unmentionable. The search is for nothing less than the meaning of life, and if that means a trip through the seamy underbelly of the big city, so much the better. Papa is a rolling stone, baby and if you want to roll with him you best be ready for the fun house ride of your life.

Chiron in the tenth, Chiron in Capricorn–Power, baby. You got it, Chiron here will take it from you. Of all the Capricorn placements, this one is the least compassionate and the most ruthless. You won’t know it to look at him, he smoozes you so well. Don’t be fooled. You are in his world for a reason. If you are the boss, its only because Chiron in Capricorn finds it inconvenient to be the boss. Live up to his expectations. It’s the only way you’ll survive.

Chiron in the eleventh, Chiron in Aquarius–Chiron here lives so outside the box, he’s misplaced the box. He doesn’t even know what the box looks like. For this reason, Chiron in the eleventh, the house of friends, feels very alone. Talk to him about UFOs, angels, fairies and quantum physics and he’ll light right up. Anything else, and you’ve bored him. Watch out for that. You don’t want a bored Chiron in the eleventh on your hands. Trust me.

Chiron in the twelfth house, Chiron in Pisces–Looking for a head trip? Chiron in the twelfth is wiling to take you on one. Everything is a mystical experience, from day tripping in Soho to seeking a guru in India. The challenge is discerning the real from the unreal, though, unfortunately for that exercise, Chiron will have to remove his rose colored glasses.

So now that you have a head’s up on Chiron in the houses, time for you to find out where Chiron lives with you. Get your horoscope at Astrodienst.

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The Astrology of Success: The Ever Popular Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato HeadThe striking cardinal nature of the chart of the United States, centered on a core of planets in the zodiac sign of Cancer, underscores the entrepreneurial nature of its citizens. Certainly an impressive array of American personalities can be named among the ranks of those who have achieved financial success through bold and original action, one of them being Mr. Potato Head.

Iconic Mr. Potato Head, the Sponge Bob of his day, was officially launched by Hasbro on May 1, 1952. Uranus was in Cancer at the time, hitting the stellium of Cancer planets in the Sibley chart of the birth of our nation and challenging the U. S. Saturn in Libra. This was certainly the time to shake things up and funky Mr. Potato Head was ready to take on the toy world with his unique way of interfacing plastic and vegetable matter. Originally conceived in 1949, toy manufacturers at that time were sensitive to a public that just emerged from WWII, food rationing and commodity shortages. They felt that Mr. Potato Head, with an original design that called for a real potato for the body was a waste of food and could not be marketed. However on the day of his official launch, Uranus, the planet of the unusual was within three degrees of the U. S. Sun breaking down the original objections to his construction.

True to his Uranian nature, Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on television and sales hit one million within the first year. This is especially significant since there were only 16.2 million children alive from the ages of 6 to 11 and 21 million from the ages of birth to 6 years n 1952 and in spite of the relatively pricey nature of the spud. The price of 98 cents was a bit of a stretch for most families where the median income was $70 per week before taxes.

Having become a toy chest staple in a relatively short time, Mr. Potato Head expanded the franchise to reflect a family theme so typical of the United States Sun in Cancer. According to Wikipedia: “in 1953, Mrs. Potato Head was added, and soon after, Brother Spud and Sister Yam completed the Potato Head family with accessories reflecting the affluence of the fifties that included a car, a boat trailer, a kitchen set, a stroller, and pets called Spud-ettes”.

Those that share the position of 10th house Saturn of the U. S. horoscope Chart can find themselves thrust in the public eye for many years, and Mr. Potato Head is no different. During his 57 year career, not only has he continued to be popular among the pre-teen set, he has expanded into roles in cartoons, movies, television and video games. He even has been immortalized as one of Disney’s Audio-Animatronic characters in Disney World and Disney Land. As Saturn prepares to enter the zodiac sign of Libra yet again in 2010 we can look forward to new dimensions being explored of this enduring icon of American childhood and culture.

Picture printed under a Creative Commons License from Wikipedia

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Adventures of Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury appears in it orbit to going backwards in is orbit, an optical illusion created by Earth shooting temporarily past Mercury’s position. This condition lasts about three weeks, until Mercury can claim a post position next to the Sun. During this time, when Mercury is all wonky in its orbit we are warned that all sorts of things happen in regards to communications, transportation delays and problems with agreements.

There are scofflaws, of course, people who think that this all bunk. They will say there is no more of these types of occurrences during the Mercury in Retrograde period than any other time.

They should get acquainted with my automobile dealership.

Now I won’t name names, because that would only lead to trouble and I’m enough trouble as it is.

On the fourth of this month, on the eve of Mercury turning backwards in its orbit, my car suddenly stopped in the parking lot as I was on my home from work. It made a terrible noise and it wasn’t going anywhere. The upshot was that the ball joint snapped, and the front passenger tire hung impotently from whatever support was left. I was a lucky woman, because had this happened on the highway, things would be much worse.

After an unusual amount of back and forth, and two different tow trucks, I am hauled back to my town twenty-six miles by the good folks of AAA. What to do now? Go to the dealership. Nope, someone I knew had a good friend that could fix it, no problem. I am a lucky woman indeed.

Yeah, except after I bought a new ball joint, we found out that on my car, the ball joint was part of an arm assembly that was a factory sealed piece. “Enough”, I said, to the dealership we go.

Except they couldn’t get the car done on the date agreed (I am renting a car in the meantime). For this they said, we’ll fix your window, (which sadly went down one day and didn’t go back up again) Ms. Turnage no problem, we’ll make you a deal. Except the bill was double what was agreed, and the window still wasn’t fixed. And on the bill are written these words “Front end still has issues.” What? Does my front-end need psychotherapy to straighten it out? With the cost and the uncertainty of the repairs, I am feeling not so lucky. I speak with the General Manager, who I could tell was going to have a few words with the Service Manager in the morning. But don’t worry, Ms. Turnage, we’ll give you a call in the morning and let you know about the car. And I did get a call. They lost my car keys.

Only when Mercury is in retrograde motion . .

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Astrology and Psychic Ability

In the long shuttered television series, Babylon 5, psychics were a hot topic. You had two choices if you were found to be a “telepath”, work for the government sponsored, quasi-military group, the Psi-Corps or take “the drugs”, which had dangerous side effects, to suppress your abilities. In a neat little trick the Babylon 5 writers, from time to time, would use a “commercial, to illustrate the wider cultural context of the show in a form that was readily identifiable to us. In a particularly memorable Psi-Corp recruiting commercial a miserable young boy was picked on for “knowing things” other people didn’t. Magically a Psi-corp recruiter shows up and explains to Johnny that he is special and if he would only join the Psi-corp he wouldn’t have a single financial worry in his life.

Thankfully, we do not have the government scooping up our psychic children for “training”, but on the other hand we barely acknowledge that such abilities exist. Worse yet, if we acknowledge them, we misunderstand these energies even fear them. More than once, this astrologer has been at the receiving end of what I call “the look”. “The look” at once conveys fear that I know too much about them and the disbelief that anyone could.

You don’t have to be psychic to be an astrologer, and as an astrologer, you don’t want to admit it when you are. We don’t want to be identified with the cheesy reputation of “psychic astrologers” of 900 line fame. Nor do we, at a time when so many of us are working to bring astrology into the mainstream, cast a Neptunian fantasy aura around the pragmatic practice of our art.

For those astrologers with psychic ability, often the line is blurred between astrological insight and psychic impression. But how do you know, other than a feeling, if you have actual psychic ability? Let’s take a look at Terri McCartney’s study of the charts of a select group of psychics.

Thirty-three percent of psychics have the ruler of their ninth house in Leo or Pisces.

She says of this placement:

I view the 9th house as the house where we have experiences that push at the comfort zones of our conditioned beliefs and assist us in grasping the “bigger picture”— ultimately discovering that we are spirit having a human journey.
38% of psychics with a mutable sign rising, 31.25% (25 of the 80) have Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces rising. Pisces/Virgo is the work and service axis.
Sixty-one percent of psychics have a masculine sign on the Midheaven (Air or Fire).
Forty Seven percent have an outer planet in the eighth house.

As far as more traditional markers of psychic ability:

Twenty percent of our psychics have the Sun in Pisces, demonstrating the greatest percentage of positive frequency difference of any of our factors—146%. The ruler of the 7th house, the ambassador of our relationships with others is also found in Pisces in 13.75% of our psychics charts. This suggests the possibility that when the ruler of the 7th house is found in the sign of pure consciousness (Pisces) one of the significant relationships in our lives is with spirit and otherworldly realms of experience.

As for astrologers, in a separate study, Terri found:

38% had the Sun in Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn and these placements were found in the astrologers charts twice as often as they were found in the control group.
 Sun, Moon or Mercury was found in a fixed house for 70% of astrologers and Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn were placed in an air house for 71%.
 Sixty-three percent of the astrologers had the ruler of the eleventh house direct.
 None of the astrologers tested had a mutual reception between Sun and Uranus. 
Pluto, Chiron or the North Node was placed in one of the Gauquelin power zones in 66%.
 Uranus was found aspecting the vertex in the control group more often than it was found aspecting the vertex in the astrologers’ horoscopes.
 Nothing was found in 100% of the astrologers’ charts.

Well this astrologer has a mutual reception between her Sun in Aquarius and Leo in Uranus, consider traditionally as a marker of an astrologer. But that particular aspect may be looking for a needle in haystack, since at the most 350,000 people in the United States were born with this aspect last go round of Uranus in Leo. While this sounds like a big number is actually represents just little over 1% of the population of this country.

Still the question remains for some us. If you are an astrologer do you think your insights come from pure astrology, psychic impressions or both? What do you do identify as the inspiration for you insights?

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The Astrology of Evolution: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto At It Again

The Sun in Virgo marches on the join Saturn in his long-term position, shining its light on Old Man Time who is and has been in opposition to Uranus. At the apex of T-Square is the original change agent, Pluto, commanding a position as middleman. This is a story as old as time, the struggle of new power systems against the old.

Once the supreme ruler of the Gods, Uranus, was the son of the primordial goddess, Night. Called the god of the Sky, Uranus presided over a human race that was morally pure, that did the right thing naturally. Uranus made the Earth, Gaia, his wife and mated with her each night. However, he hated the children of Gaia, most of who were monstrously formed. He imprisoned them and Gaia hated him for it. She devised a plan to free her children by persuading, one child, Saturn to dethrone his father. The Earth Mother gave him a flint sickle with which Saturn attacked his father, castrating him and destroying his procreative power.

Flint sickles were used before the development of metal implements. During the late Stone Age Neolithic humans domesticated wild cereals and grains, became farmers and left their hunter-gatherer ways behind. It is theorized that during the hunter-gatherer phase and through the entire Neolithic phase humans operated cooperatively but did not have the capacity for self-awareness, what is call the bi-cameral mind. Instead, mental processes of early humans operated in a state where independent thought was perceived as the voice of god. Thus humans perceived an ongoing and intimate relationship with god where god directly controlled their actions.

The difference between this ancient father/son pair is that while Uranus assumed his role as the primordial “father sky” instinctually, commanding the collective naturally, Saturn used conscious intent to command control. As hunter-gatherers, humans reacted to the environment, “naturally,” while as farmers assumed more control and organization over their environment. As the survival strategies of humans changed, their gods changed too signaling an evolving, though not a fully evolved, consciousness.

As “the son” Saturn faces “the father” Uranus in the sky, the push pull of imposed order over primordial collective instinct plays out once again. Interestingly enough, Saturn is one point of a Yod, called the finger of God, pointing directly at Saturn’s usurper, Jupiter, who was called Zeus by the Greeks. Uranus is in Aquarius, indicating a destined change in the collective consciousness. Pluto in Capricorn is the signal a change from the old economic and political systems to the new. Having evolved past the bicameral mind to conscious thought, from collective group action to the rise of the individual, what evolution awaits us now?


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Shelley Ackerman at the Astrological Society of Connecticut

asc-logoFrom the ASC September Newsletter

September Lecture

Thursday, September 17, 2009
7:00 PM
Shelley Ackerman
America’s Eighth Saturn Return

Keeney Center
200 Main Street
Lecture 7PM
FREE for ASC members
$10 for non-members
Half price for students with valid ID
NOTE: Non-member fee may be accumulated and applied toward membership.

Pre-Lecture 6PM
This is designed to give basic background info to newbies and to anyone else that is interested. This month Jacqueline Janes is presenting.
FREE for ASC members
$5 for non-members
Half price for students with valid ID

Shelley Ackerman
America’s Eighth Saturn Return

As every astrologer knows, planet Saturn with its cycle of nearly 29-1/2 years is as relevant for a nation as it for a human being. When America was born on July 4, 1776, Saturn was in Libra in a tight square to our Cancer Sun. At our eighth Saturn Return in 2010, it will be in a T-square with Uranus and Pluto. Keywords for the eighth sign (Scorpio) and eighth house are death and rebirth and transformation. As we approach our eighth Saturn Return, these questions come to mind: Will this Saturn Return have Plutonic/Scorpionic overtones? Will it be the re-invention of America? Which karmic chickens are due to come home to roost this time around? What is the significance of Saturn in hard aspect to Uranus and Pluto in 2010? How will this transit from late 2009 to 2012 impact us individually and collectively?

Shelley Ackerman is a professional astrologer and columnist from New York City. She has appeared on Access Hollywood, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and over a thousand radio shows on numerous stations. She has written for The NY Daily News, The NY Post, and currently writes a column for the West Chester Guardian. Her website is

To find out more about the Astrological Society of Connecticut and becoming a member go here.

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The Astrology of Saturn: If You Care, Don’t Touch Me There

saturn1Your Saturn points are deepest fears and your best keep secrets, stuff that runs deep to the core of our emotions. We don’t want to discuss these things; the anxieties that make us melt into a puddle of tears. Anyone who cares for us learns it is best not to hit that hot button, not to touch us “there.” Saturn in a sign, Saturn in a house, or Capricorn on the cusp of a house, all of these are Saturn points.

How do know your Saturn points? For this you’ll need a copy of your chart or you’ll have to consult your local astrologer. (Go to to get a free copy of your chart.)

Saturn in Aries, Saturn in the first house or Capricorn Rising : You crave being “the Big Boss” and you secretly feel you aren’t cut out for the job. You feel guilty about your ego and are anxious about your body image. Remarks about your leadership skills or your appearance drive you through the roof.

Saturn in Taurus, Saturn in the second house, or Capricorn on the cusp of the second house: You are afraid of not having enough money, even when you have it. Worrying about your bank balance leaves you open to neglect more important things. Learn to recognize them. Hint: it isn’t money.

Saturn in Gemini, Saturn in the third house, or Capricorn on the cusp of the third house: Despite your intellectual brilliance, you are afraid you aren’t as smart as you think you are. You fear deep discussions because you think your perceived lack of knowledge will trip you up.

Saturn in Cancer. Saturn in the fourth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the fourth house: You fear losing your home and you fear you don’t deserve one in the first place. Daddy may have undermined your feeling of security or your self worth. You do best when you strive to create your own feelings of security.

Saturn in Leo, Saturn in the fifth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the fifth house: Secretly you crave the adoration of others and you fear you don’t deserve it. Driven to be creative, you fear nothing you do is good enough. The stuff you create is awesome, but how would you know?

Saturn in Virgo, Saturn in the sixth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the sixth house: You are afraid you aren’t working hard enough or are organized enough. If you miss a detail you go nuts. You are especially touchy about your health, with at least one issue that freaks you out regularly. There is nothing wrong with preventative medicine. The number of vitamins you take is another matter.

Saturn in Libra, Saturn in the seventh house, Capricorn on the cusp of the seventh house: You secretly evaluate your associates as “better than” or “worse than” yourself. A relationship of equals terrifies you. Ironically, you fear “unfairness” as well. As a child you drove your parents nuts with your “little lawyer” routine. If your parents didn’t teach you well, you still do it as an adult. Marry. It’s good for you.

Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn in the eighth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the eighth house: You are terrified of your passions, and are terrified to live without them. Trusting others is a huge issue for you. As a child you learned that other people do not have the same level as commitment you have, because for you it is all or nothing. Ironically, you fear that other people will control you.

Saturn in Sagittarius, Saturn in the ninth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the ninth house: No other position craves freedom and is so bone chillingly terrified of it. You avoid marriage like it is poison ivy. If someone does net you, you’ll do stupid things to wreck the marriage, then wonder why your partner didn’t love you enough to put up with it. Be as smart as you really are and appreciate what you have.

Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in the tenth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the tenth house: Its odd that you are so afraid of authority when you crave so much to have it. You’ll substitute career ambition for love relationships, then wonder why you are so alone. Your own success makes you nervous, and suspicious that the guy running behind you is trying to take what is yours. Learn to make allies instead of enemies. You’ll be more successful, faster, with them.

Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn in the eleventh house, Capricorn on the cusp of the eleventh house. You desperately fear you are not normal and are terrified of your own uniqueness. You yearn for group companionship and avoid it at the same time. W. C. Fields explained your ilk best when he said; “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me for a member.” Join something.

Saturn in Pisces, Saturn in the twelfth house, Capricorn on the cusp of the twelfth house: You were told as a child “Don’t be afraid.” so naturally you are. The irrational sends you up the wall. You are not likely to pay attention to any of that New Age fluffola, like astrology. You fear other people’s illnesses, yet ironically many of you end up as health care professionals. Since you are not likely to seek out therapy, seek God for solace.

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The Astrology of Physical Appearance

astrologers-mailbox-copyMaureen wrote:
Hi, I am very interested in astrology and physical appearance. I was born on
May 23 1983 at 22:20hrs in Valletta, Malta.

Sun Gemini conjunct Mars in Gem
Asc Capricorn conjunct Neptune in Sag
Venus in Cancer in the 7th house
Moon conjunct Pluto and Saturn and Midheaven in Libra
Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sag
Mars and Sun opposite Uranus and Jupiter
Mercury in Taurus in my 4th house

How would you think all this influences by physical appearance?


When I was talking with one of my fellow astrologers from the Astrological Society of Connecticut, she said to me, you have a Taurus ascendant, don’t you? I asked her how she knew that. In her day job, she runs a hair styling salon, so over the years she’s had the opportunity to observe people and their facial shapes and so has grown quite astute in determining someone’s ascendant. Quite a gift!

At Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, Twilight wrote an interesting post about the subject. And if you want to see what other people with your Sun and Moon look like you can check out Astrofaces ( here. With the Sun Gemini/Moon Libra type there seems to a be a predominance of oval faces, usually a tad longer than other people with high cheek bones and a strong chin. A very elegant look indeed!

When you look on the internet there are quite a number of sources of information about this fascinating subject. I’m still learning about it myself!

If you would like a question answered on these pages send your birth date, birth place and birth time along with your question to Sorry, time constraints prevent me from doing readings on anything other than a single question.

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