The #Astrology of the Whitmer Kidnapping Conspiracy

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer

(Astrology Explored) Shockingly, the FBI and the Attorney General of Michigan announced 13 arrests in a conspiracy to kidnap and murder Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The men arrested belong to the militia group Wolverine Watchmen.

The extensive investigation, court documents showed, relied on confidential informants, undercover agents, recorded conversations, text messages and social media, with federal agents detailing what it called a plan to violently overthrow the government, which included a conspiracy to kidnap the governor, take her to Wisconsin and put her on trial for “treason.”

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President’s Comey Firing: Universe Tells #Trump~You’re Fired

34394903505_5c91168bc1_z(Astrology Explored) Apologies for the technical issues that surrounded the original post of yesterday.

The firing of James Comey came as a huge surprise to the American public. But is it a surprise?
What does the astrology say about the situation?

Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto Are Key Players

Astrologically Donald Trump has his Sun in opposition to his moon. Full moon people are often drawn into relationships with others, but may have difficulty navigating then. My opinion is that those with a significant Gemini/Sagittarius axis find it difficult to accept existing norms of behavior. Either they forever lock themselves with the confines of solidly defined roles or they chuck societal norms altogether. Trump appears to have cast himself in the later camp. Also, there is a tendency to see others as merely an extension of self or failing that, not at all. With the US Mars, the planet of trouble, sitting on his Sun/Moon axis it’s a given that trouble follows him in his role as president.

Mars, the planet of trouble (in the yellow section) of the Comey event charis within 10 degrees of Trump’s Sun/Moon axis and the US Mars point. This tells me two things. First, Trump did make the decision to fire Comey before Tuesday. I say he made this decision around May 4th or 5 days before the actual firing when transiting Mars hit the US Uranus. It also indicates that since Mars has not yet reached his Sun, his problems are just beginning. Continue reading

#Astrology and #Politics: The Third #PresidentialDebate

Trump and Clinton

Trump and Clinton

(Astrology Explored) Tonight, October 19, 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump go at it one more time on the debate floor making their case to the American public.

The announced topics are immigration, entitlements and debt, the Supreme Court, the economy, foreign policy and the candidates’ fitness to serve. The format is at once loose and rigid. Each candidate will stand at a podium, much like the first one, and each candidate will have two minutes to speak on each topic. Then the moderator, Chris Wallace, will question them for an additional eleven minutes before they go on to the next topic.

The venue is an interesting one, University of Nevada in Las Vegas,and you wonder why that place? I have no information on the workings of the debate committee, but the astrology is fairly clear. Using chart of the debate itself, (announced 9:00 PM EDT and constructed for 6:00 PM PDT) and the United States (Sibly), I created from Davison relationship chart an astro*carto*graphy chart of the event. Continue reading

The #Astrology of #Trump-#Machado–bad love is better than none at all

Donald Trump  photo: Michele Sandberg at, license gfdl

Donald Trump
photo: Michele Sandberg at, license gfdl

(Astrology Explored) The New York Times reports:

As America Sleeps, Donald Trump Seethes on Twitter

The tweets started around 3:20 a.m. on Friday. Inside Trump Tower, a restless figure stirred in the predawn darkness, nursing his grievances and grabbing a device that often lands him in hot water.

On his Android phone, Donald J. Trump began to tap out bursts of digital fury: He mocked Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe and a popular Latin American actress, as a “con,” the “worst” and “disgusting.”

In a final flourish, before the sun came up, the Republican presidential nominee claimed — without offering any evidence — that she had appeared in a “sex tape.”
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The Astrology of Politics: Boris Nemtsov—A Simple Murder?—Part 1

Boris Nemtsov pic (Astrology Explored) Boris Yelfimovich Nemtsov was a Russian scientist, statesman and liberal politician. He had a successful political career in the 1990s under President Boris Yeltsin, and since 2000 had been an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin.

He was shot and killed in February 2015 on a bridge near the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow.

Nemtsov was one of the most important figures in the introduction of capitalism into the Russian economy. At the time of the murder, Nemtsov was in Moscow helping to organize a rally against Russian involvement in the war in Ukraine and the financial crisis. Nemtsov’s conflict with Vladimir Putin’s government centered over widespread embezzlement and profiteering ahead of the Sochi Olympics, as well as over policy in Ukraine. Continue reading

The Astrology of Politics: Mitt Romney’s & The Republicans’ Fuzzy Logic

(Astrology Explored) Mitt Romney stated to supporters that Obama won the election because he gave “extraordinary” gifts to portions of the electorate.

Romney: “What the president’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote, and that strategy worked.”

Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, listed a few specifics: “Whether it was free contraceptives for 18 to 29 year-old women, DREAM Act waivers, student loan interest rate cuts for college students, and other initiatives geared toward energizing their coalition. They succeeded.”

Romney: ” It’s a proven political strategy, which is give a bunch of money to a group and, guess what, they’ll vote for you. … Immigration we can solve, but the giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with.

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The Astrology of Politics: David Petraeus–Poster Boy for the Coming Eclipse

General David Petraeus(Astrology Explored) What’s so unusual about a Washington extra-marital affair? Titillating the American public? Embarrassing an innocent spouse? Highlighting the after-hours antics of America’s men in power? Absolutely nothing. Mostly these things are fodder for the political spin cycle of one party trying to get one up on the other.

So what makes David Petraeus, a highly educated and highly decorated general, just formerly the head of the CIA, the latest sound bite in media reports?

It’s not that his mistress threatened another woman who was communicating with the general bringing in an FBI investigation. (Did she really think that if he cheated on his wife of 38 years, he wasn’t cheating on her too?) Continue reading

The Astrology of the 2012 Presidential Race: Paul Ryan’s Achilles Heel

(Astrology Explored) Has Paul Ryan caught a case of Romney’s hoof-in-mouth disease? Bad enough that the presidential contender believes 47% of Americans are lazy slackers only looking for a government handout, now vice-president candidate Ryan is caught on camera implying that the people in the inner cities lack discipline and character.

We have lots of laws that aren’t being properly enforced. We need to make sure we enforce these laws. But the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities, is to help people get out of poverty in the inner cities, is to help teach people good discipline, good character. That is civil society. That’s what charities, and civic groups, and churches do to help one another make sure that they can realize the value in one another.”

Paul Ryan–Interview on ABC 12 in Flint, Michigan 10/08/2012.

No wonder that Ryan’s handler abruptly terminated the interview. But what on earth, especially after the Romney campaign just pulled themselves out of tailspin dive after Romney’s previous comments, would prompt Ryan to make such a statement? Continue reading

MItt Romney’s Potential Vs. Actualization in His Birth Chart

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

(Astrology Explored) Would you say that a political candidate who favors tax cut after tax cut for the richest 5% of the population but but whose tax plans can only raise taxes for the rest has his pulse on “We the people”– or the economic class to which he belongs?

In the 2008 Elections I looked at the birth charts of the contenders, both Democrat and Republican, against the lens of prominent astrological factors in past President’s charts as charted by Romanian Astrologer Dan Ciubotaru. I wrote about Mitt Romney in 2008:

“Romney shares nine of the eighteen most frequent natal astrological configurations shared by United States presidents, out pacing his nearest rival, McCain by three, and Huckabee by two. “

Mitt Romney has the potential to be a great president of the United States. It’s there in his natal chart. But for whom would Mitt Romney be a great president? And why?

Romney college and formative business years shows the result of an economically and politically privileged upbringing.

Wikipedia tells us:

Romney had missed much of the tumultuous American anti-Vietnam War movement while away [in France as a Mormon ]. Unlike most middle and lower class young men his age he avoided the military draft with impunity. Romney had initially received two 2-S student deferments, then, like most Mormon missionaries, a 4-D ministerial deferment while in France, and then two more student deferments.[29][51] When those ran out, his high number in the December 1969 draft lottery (300) ensured that he would not be selected.[29][51][52]

At culturally conservative BYU, he remained isolated from much of the upheaval of the era.[24][46][32] He became president of, and an innovative fundraiser for, the all-male Cougar Club booster organization and showed a new-found discipline in his studies.[32][46] In his senior year, he took a leave to work as driver and advance man for his mother Lenore Romney’s eventually unsuccessful 1970 campaign for U.S. Senator from Michigan;[24][45] together, they visited all 83 Michigan counties.[53][54] He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with highest honors in 1971,[46] and gave commencement addresses to both the College of Humanities and to the whole of BYU.[nb 7]

Romney still wanted to pursue a business path, but his father advised him that a law degree would be valuable to his career.[57][58] Thus he became one of only fifteen students to enroll at the recently created joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration four-year program coordinated between Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.[59]

He was non-ideological and did not involve himself in the political or social issues of the day.[45][58] He graduated in 1975 cum laude from the law school, in the top third of that class, and named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top five percent of his business school class.[55][59]

Romney was recruited by several firms and chose to remain in Massachusetts to work for Boston Consulting Group (BCG), reasoning that working as a management consultant to a variety of companies would better prepare him for a future position as a chief executive.[57][61][nb 8] He was part of a 1970s wave of top graduates who chose to go into consulting rather than join a major company directly.[63]

While Romney was living and working the life of the economically privileged, America began devolving from an industrial economy into a service economy. Wave upon wave of layoffs hit American society leaving the economy in tatters. We were a shell-shocked people in the aftermath of an economic war. The upshot was the social contract shattered and people no longer trusted companies to act in the best interest of society. The worst part of it was that we accepted that it was OK for big business to pursue a strategy of profits over people. And somehow during this time it became perfectly OK for the rich to stay rich, while the bulk of population bobbed up and down in the seas of economic upturns and down turns sliding in and out of poverty at as the economy improved then recessed.

This is ethical atmosphere that molded people like Mitt Romney who cut their business eye-teeth during this formative time.

Consider that he is against affirmative action. He wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and slash corporate taxes and eliminate estate taxes. He also wants to give tax credits to businesses that offer employees health insurance as a solution to “Obamacare” even though there are no provisions to limit what businesses charge for employees for premiums. Because he believes that current unemployment system discourages people from finding work, he wants to transform the current unemployment system from employer-based contributions to personal savings accounts.

He fully believes that these measures will give “the jobs creators” the incentive to reinvest in America even though the massive bailouts of the previous Republican administration did nothing to inspire such actions. In other words, he wants to help the rich to stay rich because this is best for America.

As for non-rich, he wants to see mothers on welfare get jobs or lose their benefits, but doesn’t want to allow them birth control to limit the size of their families. He wants to overturn a woman’s right to privacy as articulated in Roe V. Wade, while giving the states rights in determining when life begins, guaranteeing a 50 state free for all in women’s rights.

He opposes amnesty for undocumented workers even though this is a situation ignored for decades by our government allowing these “illegals” to build families, homes and contribute to society by paying various taxes (such as sales tax).

Clearly Romney has no idea what it is to live life as most American’s do.
What would have been different if he had made different choices, chosen a life of public service over that of a businessman? Could Romney had been a president that could balance the diverse needs a multifaceted and multicultural nation?

Romney has three personal planets in Pisces, and his planet of personal values, Venus in Aquarius. He has a yod pointing those personal planets, the Sun, Mercury and Mars, with Saturn and Pluto at one leg of the yod while other leg sports the planet of idealism Neptune.

His Moon and Jupiter is in intense Scorpio, a magnetic combination that should give him the inner resources to stand by his convictions and command positions of authority.

He should be idealistic and compassionate. He should be a voice for the people at large instead of the 1%.

We still argue the nature versus nurture concept of the formation of personality, but the truth does seem to lie in between. We are born with an innate series of personality traits that we either magnify or modify as we mature. This is the true nature of our “free will” to either answer the inner promptings of our souls or answer the call of world at large. Romney was born with the right stuff presidential, but he chose a career in pure capitalism that has tainted the well.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons license.

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