Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) Aries—The stars favors discussions with significant others. This may be what you need to help you get over the hump with relationship issues.

Taurus—The full moon in your sign this weekend hits a part of fortune spot, a lucky break if you will. Relationship issues are the impetus you need to define your true heart’s desire.

Gemini—The health issue of a significant other causes concern on your part, but also highlights the strength of your bond.

Cancer—Clinging to outworn methods or ideas prevents the implementation of needed changes. Sometimes, dear Crab, you have to go with the flow.

Leo—This holiday the action and the attention swirls around you. You enjoy the company of friends and family.

Virgo—When it is time for company to come over you swing into full Virgo let’s clean until its perfect mode. Truth is no one’s home is perfect and sweating the details only wears you out.

Libra—You may be sweating the intentions of that on again, off again sweetie. Trying to take a few swings using their bat, however, will backfire on you. Chill.
Scorpio—All work and no play makes for one weak immune system. Give yourself a little down time to restore energy.

Sagittarius—Your good looks and natural charms help you catch the interest of a real hottie. Now that you’ve caught ‘em do you want to keep ‘em?

Capricorn—The hours before the full moon gives you some powerful emotional support from an important person in your life.

Aquarius—Get as much rest as possible to stave off a possible health problems. Sometimes you do drive yourself too hard.

Pisces—This weekend features some powerful insights on the behavior of others as you comtemplate the upcoming holidays. However, it is best to keep these to yourself.

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Weekly Forecast

Weekly Astrology ForecastAries—Wild things run fast, or that’s at least what Joni Mitchell sings. Truth is, Aries, it’s your mouth that runneth over this week, so don’t look surprised when your friends’ eyes glaze over.

Taurus—A bit of luck falls in your lap, though it won’t seem that way at first. You have to polish that bit of coal to get a diamond.

Gemini—Recipe for the week. Open mouth, insert foot. Repeat. This is usually an Aries recipe but this week you have the honors.

Cancer—Relationships provide a special opportunity for growth. That’s a nice way of saying suck it up!

Leo—The family has lots of plans for your paycheck. None of it includes what you want. Surprise!

Virgo—Young people are out and about and wander away from your watchful eye. Pay special attention to their movements as they aren’t about to tell you where they are really going.

Libra—While you have the urge to merge, emotional issues tend to get in the way. Provide some sympathy with that tea.

Scorpio—Take care of nagging minor health issue before it blows up into a serious matter.

Sagittarius—After all these years, Archer, you should understand that when a woman says “go ahead, do it” she means “go ahead, do it and see what happens.” This is your only heads up.

Capricorn—Past loves occupy your thoughts when new opportunities should dominate. Rethink your priorities.

Aquarius—Though opportunities exist to improve your financial situation, you let self doubt hold you back. Don’t!

Pisces—People in authority support your goals, so don’t be waylaid by the derisive comments of jealous people.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Hey Diddle Diddle

Cow Jumps Over The Moon

Cows Jumping Over the Moon

(Astrology Explored)

High diddle diddle,

The Cat and the Fiddle,

The Cow jump’d over the Moon,

The little dog laugh’d to see such Craft,

And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

Looking over the aspects of Friday’s New Moon in Scorpio, with a stellium of planets below the horizon, one is reminded of this ancient nursery rhyme.

Nursery rhymes have a checkered past, containing a mix of whimsy, sly innuendos of the scandals past, and political satire. In the case of the above verse, while many have tried to peg a meaning on it, no one explanation fits the bill.

In the spirit of whimsy one might see a lost quatrain of Nostradamus, with obscure references and veiled astrological clues that fits the positions of the planets in the sky on November 5.

Venus in retrograde motion has certainly jumped over the moon as the moon slid into its present position. Venus in her past lives spent a good deal of time as the goddess Astarte, who wore the headdress of a bull to demonstrate her authority over civilization. So here the image of the cow jumping over the moon holds up as an astrological symbol.

Well then, where is the little dog? Maybe it is Sirius, the dog star, the brightest “fixed star” which at 14 degrees Cancer, is trine the Sun and the Moon at 11 to 13 degrees of Scorpio. At 9:14 EDT the dog star briefly touches the Part of Fortune. With this easy exchange of energy, it can be said the dog star is “laughing” at the situation.

What then is the cat and the fiddle? We’ll have to stretch an analogy here, but this might fit Saturn in Libra. One can imagine the glyph of Saturn as a cat with its tail straight up and her back arched. The glyph of Libra one can imagine as a lyre.

The great disc, the Sun appears to be “running away” following Mercury, which does have a curious spoon like appearance.

Who is say then that this nursery rhyme wasn’t one astrologer’s attempt to describe the sky as she or he looked up and while musing softly sang “Hey diddle, diddle.” With all that Scorpio there, we might never know.

For the week ahead:

Aries—Full speed ahead, Ram as Mars fuels your activities. There is no stopping you now.

Taurus—It seems like other people have what you want. Rather than dwell on this, form your own plans for fulfillment.

Gemini—Strange as it seems, your work or career provides a great sense of accomplishment. Don’t take your work relationship for granted.

Cancer—If you peel back enough layers you’ll find the reason for your recent sense of dissatisfaction. Are you read for such introspection?

Leo—Gear up to move full speed on an important project. The window of opportunity is short. Do not be distracted by the machinations of others.

Virgo—A little alone time wouldn’t hurt you right now. In fact it just might help you sort through some issues.

Libra—You think your lover’s quirks are adorable. Other people think they are annoying. (They are.) You’ll have to use your consider diplomatic skills to smooth over the situation.

Scorpio—The new moon in your sign signals new opportunities in just about every area of your life. However, to take advantage of them you’ll have to let go of some old ideas.

Sagittarius—You are all dressed up and have nowhere to go. Worse yet, no one is taking your calls. Maybe there is stuff you should be doing at home.

Capricorn—Nagging but minor health issues are a sign that you are unhappy about a certain situation. Deal with the situation and you’ll feel better. Promise.

Aquarius—The opens with a some new opportunities, but you need to move quick at the beginning of the week to take advantage of them.

Pisces—A Friday night tryst or gathering brings you in contact with some important or interesting people, so don’t stay home, even if you are feeling a little punky! The rest of the week get as much sleep as you can.

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

Image from Wikipedia Commons

If you’d like a question answered on these pages, send your birth date, birth time and birth place along with a single question to starrynightastro@aol.com. Time considerations prevent me from doing full readings on these pages. Sorry but any request for a single question reading that does not include permission to print will not receive a response.

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The Astrology of Halloween: The Moon, Witches and Samhain

Weekly Astrology Forecast(Astrology Explored)

Our tradition of Halloween was passed down from one of the ancient Celtic Fire Festivals, Samhain, (pronounced sow’ in). Each of the 4 fire festivals were celebrated at the midpoint between the 4 equinoxes, representing the Celtic view of the balancing of light and dark forces.

From Wikipedia:

Samhain marked the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half”. It was traditionally celebrated over the course of several days. Many scholars believe that it was the beginning of the Celtic year.[3][4][5] It has some elements of a festival of the dead. The Gaels believed that the border between this world and the otherworld became thin on Samhain; because some animals and plants were dying, it thus allowed the dead to reach back through the veil that separated them from the living. Bonfires played a large part in the festivities. People and their livestock would often walk between two bonfires as a cleansing ritual, and the bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into its flames.[6]

The Gaelic custom of wearing costumes and masks, was an attempt to copy the spirits or placate them. In Scotland the dead were impersonated by young men with masked, veiled or blackened faces, dressed in white.[7][8] Samhnag — turnips which were hollowed-out and carved with faces to make lanterns — were also used to ward off harmful spirits.[8]

So now that we have an overview of ghosts and jack’o’laterns we turn to another symbol of Halloween, the witch. In Irish mythology this image is represented in the more complex form of the Morrigan, a diety of three persons (said to be sisters) which represent the dark forces of the Moon. It was not unusual in pre-Christian religions to represent a powerful female deity in three aspects since this followed the natural cycle of the Moon, with the New, Full and Balsamic moons representing the life cycle of women, maiden, mother and grandmother.

The Morrigan, was the dark goddess of war and prophecy, and also said to protect the sovereignty of kings (i.e. nations). How she is related to Halloween is in the story of the fight over Ireland between the enemy Fomorians and the people of the Sun God, Dadga, the Tuatha Dé Danann. To insure victory in battle, Dadga performs with the Goddess of War, the Morrigan, the sacred ritual hieros gamos on Samhain itself. Thus ritual magic performed under the aegis of women of power was forever wedded with the day when the veil between this world and the otherworld was thin enough for ghosts to visit the living.

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Astrology, Synchronicity and an Informal Experiment

Weekly Astrology Forecast(Astrology Explored) One day I was discussing at lunch a piece I was working on about fashion and astrology. “What does astrology have to do with it?” said a person at the table. “Astrology has to do with everything!” I reply.

Carl Jung proposed the theory of synchronicity in the 1920’s, which describes a conceptual framework where separate events, though not related in causal relationships, mesh as simultaneous occurrences that appear to be meaningfully related. With this theory, Jung breathed new life into astrology. Astrology theorists could not pinpoint the physical mechanism that described how astrology works, but at least we could say we saw a relationship between the movements of the stars and the activities on earth that may not be causal but were related in meaning.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, developments in physics brought new theories to the table that attempted to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. The result was String Theory, which posits that matter is not composed of discrete particles, but strings that stretch from one end of the Universe to the other, wending their way not just through this dimension but up to fourteen other dimensions. In this model, the Universe is much like a rubber band ball, though with a lot more play in the strings. Thus, should one end of the string should be pinged it would be felt at the other end of the string. With this model of the Universe events that appear related are not just synchronous, they are casual. The problem with String Theory is just that, it is a theory. Up to this point the theory has yet to make quantitative experimental predictions, which a theory must do in order to be confirmed.

So much for a proof for astrology, because if String Theory or its related Brane theory could be proven, there wouldn’t be much doubt to the philosophy that we are all interrelated with the stuff of the heavens.

While I wait for the scientists to prove what we astrologers already know, I am conducting my own informal experiment. Under the good graces of R. J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT, I am categorizing a number of the books into the different signs of the zodiac. Next Tuesday night, October 26, 2010, between 7 and 9 PM I’ll be in the bookstore with my recommendations of books for you according to the predominate zodiac influences in your chart. If you happen to purchase any $25 worth of books during that time, based on my recommendations or not, I’ll give you a free 15 minute reading. It should all be good fun and with birth info from your hard to buy for friend or relative might even give you a leg up on your holiday shopping. Come on out and say hello. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Aries—It is safe to say you are feeling out of your element. It hard to keep a positive attitude under these influences, but you mustn’t let a temporary feeling lead to irrevocable changes.

Taurus—While you are feeling wild and sexy, your significant other is blowing cold air on your amorous advances. Try listening to what he or she has to say.

Gemini—You handle relationships and additional duties with ease. Some say you make it look easy. You say there is nothing to it. On yes there is! Take a bow, Gemini.

Cancer—Someone dumps a whole bunch of work on you. At least your friends are sympathetic. Relationships with children can go well now.

Leo—People in authority and the people around them are particularly difficult for you this week. Just do your work and try to avoid office politics.

Virgo—Later in the week you can have a bit of luck. You might want to apply for that job that you think you haven’t a shot at, or buy a lottery ticket. In any case, the point is to shoot for your dreams.

Libra—Demands between work and home crank up. How long do you expect to go at this pace, Libra?

Scorpio—You have a chance to show higher ups your mastery of a situation. They’ll be impressed, though not show it right away. Communications from home are welcome.

Sagittarius—At the end of the week, Mars moves into your sign, giving you a super dose of energy. As energetic as you are, take care not to overdo.

Capricorn—Later in the week, you find out some very helpful information, which can be instrumental in helpful in carving out some new plans. You find out you were right after all.

Aquarius—Midweek presents a sterling opportunity to convey your views. Public meetings go well.

Pisces—Your love life is swirling with all sorts of intriguing possibilities, but you might find the upkeep more labor intensive than you’d like. Stay away from the married ones. Trouble!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Far Reaching Effects

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) The recent controversy over the “robo-signing” foreclosure scandal which has halted foreclosures in some states and may facilitate a 90 day foreclosure moratorium by the governent shouldn’t come as a shock. These news comes just before the new Moon in Libra, which put the focus on new starts in our relationships. Seeing that Moon joins up with Saturn, and Mercury, these relationships features binding contracts in a business context. Mars and Venus in Scorpio expose the machinations of lenders who faultily and even fraudulently processed huge numbers of foreclosures. . Moon in stress aspect to Jupiter and Uranus present some unwelcome surprises that promise to have far reaching effects on our already stressed economy.

Aries—You find yourself being moved to places, physically or mentally, that you don’t want to go. Your most important relationships demand that you make some sacrifices for the sake of what you want, so it does no good to complain. Lighten up! Buy a lottery ticket Saturday.

Taurus—Relationships aren’t going quite as expected, but its not you, dear Bull that is the problem. The truth is other people have things going on that they don’t want to share with you, and you know, sometimes, it’s better just not to know.

Gemini—Other peoples secrets are not your concern, so don’t bother to try to figure out what they are. Children and older people fill up your time anyway, and to tell you the truth, you find you enjoy that more than mucking around in the dark places other people create from themselves.

Cancer—At the end of the week a yard sale or the sale of some old, maybe even antique, items can net you some extra cash. Don’t spill a single tear over this, as you get more money now than you normally would and you’ll still have the memories, which are worth more than the space these items take up.

Leo—Older people and children provide companionship now, as your friends seem be hiding. They are, because they don’t want to risk your disapproval. Next month they’ll reappear looking all innocent, wondering where you’ve been!

Virgo—The Virgin likes to have things neat and orderly in order to feel comfortable. You have the ability now to clean away anything that clutters your life with dispassion. This could be the basement, the attic and or anybody that you deem beyond redemption. Cleaning the house is fine, but cleaning out your phone list requires a little more discretion.

Libra—Romance is problematic. Maybe your sweetheart is here today, gone tomorrow, or maybe you are reassessing your level of commitment. You certainly want more, and there is no reason you don’t deserve it. Don’t settle for less.

Scorpio—Venus in your own sign is retrograde, having you look at the state of relationship status. Hah! You have to have a relationship first! Feeling feisty, you are on the hunt. Watch out world.

Sagittarius—You could be in a few surprises, as your sweetie has decided to spice things up. Always up for a good time, let the good times roll.

Capricorn—If it wasn’t for your patience and stamina, you wouldn’t get anything done. Other people are resistant to your suggestions, thinking them more like orders from a drill sergeant. Medicine goes down better with a spoonful of sugar, so try to offer up some with the medicine you dish out.

Aquarius—Other people are receptive to your message, especially if you offer some helpful hints to solve their problems. No one but Aquarius can look at a situation sideways and come up with something completely different and completely workable. Good job!

Pisces—If your luck has seemed a little screwed up lately, it’s because you are focusing on issues from the past that prevent you from seeing things clearly. The past is behind you, the future isn’t until tomorrow, and today is for the living. Live!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: An Explosive Situation

(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the Week of September 24 to September 30

The Sun moves into the relationship oriented sign of Libra and the Moon enters the polar opposite zodiac sign of Aries. This full moon is in challenge aspect to Pluto, our “perpetual” T-Square bedeviling us for the most of the year.

Sitting as she does ruled by the planet of war, Mars, and sitting along side the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, this signals explosive situations. On a personal level this full moons especially rules our relationships versus our sense of independence. The full moon always highlights our relationship (or lack of one) with the opposite sex. This time is fraught, at the least with misunderstandings and at the most, separations. Pluto tells us we need to transform our ideas about relationships if we want to make them work.

Aries—When the Ram feels cornered he wants to make tracks. Is it because things are getting too serious and you have to do what you say you would? It’s time to make good on your promises.

Taurus—You may have thought that a recently resolved situation is done with. In reality, you will be dealing with fallout of the back biting of others. Keep calm and firmly and clearly state the facts. Grounded people will get it, while the others aren’t worth your time.

Gemini—It’s a good thing that you have such good friends because you will need them now. Its best to keep your opinions to yourself and not let the gossip of others throw you off track.

Cancer—It seems like same old, same old as other people expect you to so their work for them. There is always an excuse, isn’t there? Face it. They are getting more out this than you, so maybe you shouldn’t be so nice.

Leo—Secret phone calls and texts may be fun but can lead to trouble, Leo, as you hardly know what you are getting into. Stay on the straight and narrow, if you want to remain trouble free.

Virgo—You might shock some people with some of the things you say right now, dear Virgo. Some people have this strange idea of you of some paragon of purity and we both know you are anything but.

Libra—Wait until the end of the week before you make critical decisions regarding important relationships. You find out that there is two sides to every story.

Scorpio—This week you find out some shocking things, Scorpio about those nearest and dearest to you. Best to step away from the fray, because there is little you can do but make the situation worsel.

Sagittarius—Things that you find out make you want to blast into action, Archer. But you shouldn’t believe everything you hear as you are only hearing one side of the story. Dig a little deeper before you react.

Capricorn—Maybe you are trying to control a situation a little too much Capricorn. Yes, you. If you fail to allow other people some freedom of motion and thought, you won’t be looked on too kindly.

Aquarius—The end of week is a good time to start new relationships. Will these relationships go the distance? Only time will tell, Waterbearer, but if you don’t give things a chance, things won’t change.

Pisces—The weekend has you fussing around the house in frenzy of cleaning. What has gotten into you Pisces? Maybe it’s just that at this time you are feeling the need for order in what is in most causes a cluttered existence.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Out of the Blue

Weekly Astrology ForecastAstrology for the Week September 10 to September 16

Sudden things hit us out of the blue regarding love and money. With Venus sliding into Scorpio, we don’t necessarily need to have these episodes to hit the light of day. Just what have you’ve been up to?

Aries—Other people do outrageous things to get your attention. It does no good to hide your latest romantic encounters from old lovers.

Taurus—An old love, or thoughts of one, can haunt you now. You don’t need any changes but you might need an attitude adjustment.

Gemini—Light and breezy Gemini find a little adventure in secret communications with someone you should not be trysting with. Careful now. Don’t let your head run ahead of your heart.

Cancer—You can loosen up a little mid-week and let your honey in on some secret desire. You both can have fun filling it.

Leo—Secrets can open up some relationship wounds. Either be very forthright in what is happening or make sure your secrets are locked up tight so you don’t hurt the ones you love.

Virgo-Quirky Uranus and Jupiter have been sitting in the sky for a while, but this month you feel their effect keenly. You don’t need to run away to fulfill your heart’s desire, just add a bit of unpredictability to your routine.

Libra—You juggle your to do list, but it just isn’t helping. While it pays to play nice, sometimes too nice doesn’t help. Ask for help nicely for help before you demand it angrily.

Scorpio—Throw caution to the winds and toss the dice. You have a unique opportunity to come out on top if you let go of some of things you try to control.

Sagittarius—Sometimes it is best if the spotlight isn’t on you, Archer. Take advantage of this quiet time to get some much needed R and R.

Capricorn—No prison breaks here! Jupiter retreating back into the sign of Pisces scrambles your well laid plans. Wait a few weeks before trying again.

Aquarius—The past continues to be your present. It won’t be until the end of the month before you can break free of restrictive situations.

Pisces—A decision must be made, yet you aren’t sure of the correct course of action. Carefully examine your motives and the motives of another person before you decide to take a leap into an unalterable course.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Cardinal Grand Cross

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week of July 30 to August 6

The long awaited Grand Cross in Cardinal signs forms at the end of our forecast week. Jupiter/Uranus, Pluto and Saturn are the heavy hitters involved. Uranus and Saturn are still in tension aspect. Saturn is in challenge aspect to Pluto with Pluto in challenge aspect to Uranus. Think of this. Uranus opposite Saturn works to break down structures. Certainly we’ve all seen this as the economy has melted away. Pluto is about transformation. In Pluto’s process, things or thoughts about yourself are stripped away, making way for a new way of being.

This Grand Cross starts in an out of sign Moon in Gemini, representing two different ways to look at the situation. A Gemini Moon is about communication, often without processing the emotional content. That comes later. The Moon moves in the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer where it moves until it hits the South Node of the Moon in the same zodiac sign. The south node represents what we have done before. Some people assign fate or karma to this mathematical point. It actually does sum up the past very well. Whatever happens will result from actions that have already happened. In the cardinal mode of expression, it will happen very quickly.

What is caught up in this Grand Cross is the relationship axis, Aries and Libra, and axis of material security, Cancer/Capricorn. If you find yourself having to make a decision between the career and family, this is only natural. On the national level, our leaders will have to decide what is in our best interests, our relationship with the world, or the people of the nation. Whatever is decided, what action is taken will transform the nature of this country for many years to come.

Aries—Hit the road Jack. Or at least that is how you feel. You’ve had it with useless people and situations. The question is—where will you go now?

Taurus—If you’ve been ignoring a health issue, now is the time to address it. Something needs to be healed and the good doctor can help you.

Gemini—Don’t waste your breath trying to smooth things over. People are only interested in their own point of view.

Cancer—While larger forces make havoc of your life, it is the relationships you have with younger people that provide a balm for your soul.

Leo—Take advantage of social situations to make improvements in your life. You are especially appealing to both genders and all ages right now.

Virgo—You have the ability right now to sway loved ones to make positive changes if you so choose. Appeal to their heart, not their head.

Libra—You are under pressure to change your level of commitment to certain people. Since Libra hates making these kinds of decisions, this week may be rather stressful for you.

Scorpio—You may be faced with a situation that requires that you change your attitude about certain people in your life. You can’t keep cutting people off because you don’t like something they do. You do plenty other people don’t like and they still like you anyway. Understand?

Sagittarius—Your high-handed views of ethics and morality seem pretty funny to people that know you, considering crazy stuff that you do. It is best not to stand on your soapbox right now.

Capricorn—You are either feeling sadness at recent separations or feeling the stress of trying to maintain certain relationships. Though Capricorn, once committed is in for the long haul it really is OK to expect that others hold up their end of the bargain.

Aquarius—You aren’t alone in your problems and shouldn’t think that you are. Discuss issues with people who can see the forest for the trees.

Pisces—You are feeling that people don’t understand you, but the reality is that you are not seeing issues clearly. Is this a surprise, Pisces? Try putting on your listening ears.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Walk on Eggshells

Zodiac and Stars

Zodiac and Stars

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week July 16 to July 22

I don’t know about you but Pluto worries me.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and as I wrote previously, it was sitting smack dab on the Lunar eclipse not so far back. Since then we had a solar eclipse, this past Sunday in fact, but that eclipse sitting nicely in the ninth house of higher knowledge, so maybe we’ll smarten up a little bit and use those higher energies to an enlightened purpose. In the meanwhile our forecast week starts with a very strong T-Square involving Mars, the Moon, and Saturn, in tension aspect to Jupiter and Uranus and all of that is in challenge aspect to Pluto.

Pluto square Mars opposite Uranus is the Harley Biker, the Gangsta, the original Bad Boy. To heck with the idea that Pluto is in the nice sedate zodiac sign of Capricorn. If you knew what I knew about Capricorn energy you’d feel uneasy too. Capricorn afflicted with poor aspects can be very twisted, with a me and only me attitude that is quite cold and calculated. Oh, they’ll be quite charming until they get what they want, then they’ll ignore you like they never knew you.

A T-Square always talks about relationships and difficulties within. With the Moon involved we are talking about our feelings, and what we are feeling is that we are not getting what we want! People with relationships that are on bad footing already might want to walk on eggshells just for this week, if you want to keep what you have. If not, it’s Adios Amigo!

Aries—Other people have plenty to say about what are doing. The typical Aries reaction to all of this is to not listen and do your own thing. Well, this is what got into your present situation in the first place, Aries. It is best if you resist temptation to make tracks when you should be making changes.

Taurus—The planet of beauty and love and Pluto make beautiful music in the heavens regarding love and finance. For you to reap these benefits, though, you must resist the temptation to speak out of turn or simply speak your mind. You are not apt to be well received it you don’t put a sock in it.

Gemini—Feeling restless you head off to some social event where you are witty, bright and charming. At least you think so. So don’t bother with those old bittys in the corner that aren’t copasetic with the length of your dress or the height of your heels. Some people just can’t resist the urge to criticize and you should resist the urge to listen.

Cancer—You want to do something, but what? You have the urge or opportunity to do something that requires a great amount of detail work which is something you normally don’t enjoy. However, this is one of those times when you must step up to the plate, so put your doubts asides and move forward with something that surely will bring other opportunities your way.

Leo—You can talk your way out of anything Leo, but this time you might find your tongue, as silver as it is, isn’t going to help. Midweek, you find people are working to undermine your efforts. Other people didn’t follow through on your instructions and failed to tell you. Keep a plan B in your pocket and your bosses apprised of the ramifications.

Virgo—You shine with a special glow this week as the planet of love, Venus, shines her light on you. It is a good time for haircuts and beauty treatments and to review your finances. I know unexpected expenses keep cropping up, but you can splurge a little bit.

Libra—You might as well get all that little stuff done you’ve been putting off this weekend, as by the end of week you’ll be give a whole lot of responsibility and quite suddenly too. You aren’t quite sure what is happening or why, but that will become clearer next week.

Scorpio—You find someone who is earthly sensual to kick off your fantasies. The problem is the boy or girl friend in the corner who isn’t so happy you are giving their sweetie the eye. Check out any situation before you make a move.

Sagittarius—The archer is a broad brush stroke kinda gal or guy, so when asked to pony up the details you just might fall off the horse. Dig a little deeper into your financial details and don’t trust to fate to keep you from bouncing your check to the electric company. Its no good operating in the dark.

Capricorn—Caught in a web of your own making, you just might find your carefully laid plans are co-opted by someone else. If you try to take the credit now, you’ll just be setting yourself up for a nasty shot to the jaw, figuratively if not literally speaking. Maybe next time you won’t try to go through the back door when the front door will do.

Aquarius—Get ready to face your worst fears. All eyes point to you as decisions are made of far reaching consequences. Call Fate or Destiny, but much of this is out of your hands, and the best you do is to take the reins and ride the steed that is given to you.

Pisces—You feel like you are swimming against the tide. You are. So much is going on around you, but you are being put into the information stream. Watch, look and listen, because soon things are going to happen to put the spotlight on you. Learn all you can to prepare.

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