The Astrology of Pluto Transits: Dystopian Sugar Plums

Stahma Explains the Telo to Christie

Stahma and Christie

(Astrology Explored) Revelations about the U. S. government spying systematically on its own citizens, a NSA spy turned whistleblower and is now on the run, the Supreme Court taking a giant leap backward by striking down a provision in the Voter’s Right Act, bureaucratic and legislative actions that restricts a woman’s right to free choice, a formerly popular television chef castigated publicly for alleged racist comments—the news this week is all about shtako hitting the fan. And that’s just the United States.

Our fears seem to be reflected in the proliferation of dystopian themed universes of many of our television programs. Far from the ideology of the happy, happy, joy, joy Star Trek Universe televison shows like Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies and Defiance depict a world going to hell in a hand basket. These shows are as Plutonian as you can get. The characters depict the archetypes of characters in Greek Myth.

One example of this is the character of Stahma, the alien wife of an alien mob boss, Datak Tarr on the Scyfy show Defiance. Datak is ruthless, cruel and calculating, someone who makes Hades look likes sunshine and light. Stahma is beautiful and graceful and she spends her time smoothing over the social ramifications of her husband’s actions. She likes it when other people perceive her to be a victim of Datak’s cruelties because it preserves her own innocent cover. In reality she is just as perverse as he.

There is one scene where she is talking with her son’s human fiancé, a girl as innocent as Persephone as the day she was taken by Hades. Stahma is putting the Castithan equivalent of the bridal veil, the telo, on the girl’s head, a metal mask that covers the girl’s eyes. As she explains the significance of the telo, she flicks her tongue in reptilian fashion at the blinded girl’s hair as if tasting her scent. It was one of the creepiest scenes of the show and most revealing of Stahma’s true nature. She is for all intents and purposes the truest incarnation of what Persephone became after her marriage to Hades. We know him as Pluto.

There is of course a reason why such Plutonian images, from the laws being passed to our entertainments that pervade our conscious thought. That reason is well . . .Pluto.

The United States Sibly Chart using July 4, 1776 date has a collection of planets in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Venus, our money, Jupiter, our sense of social justice and how society works, the Sun, our national identity, and Mercury, our money systems sit so tightly together that the working of any of these planets are hardly indistinguishable from another. Cancer is concerned with resources and security, and holds on to both these things with a crab like grip. Nothing gets an American going like a debate about economics, or a woman’s reproductive rights.

But even steel gripped Cancer has to let go in the face of exorable Pluto. Just a week after Pluto went direct towards it final march into Capricorn, on September 15, 2008, Lehman Brother’s filed bankruptcy. On September 16 the U. S. Stock Market crashed touching off worst economy since the Great Depression. This was at the midpoint of the U.S. Mars in Gemini and the U.S. Venus in Cancer. The financial world scrambled, extorting vast sums of money from the U. S. Government to keep the economy afloat during what was considered a severe “market correction.” A month later, Pluto entered 29 degrees of Sagittarius. 29 degrees of any sign is considered by astrologers to be the degree of decision. At this point the Economist, on October 24 declared the results of the crash of September 16, 2008 a full-blown economic crisis.

Robert P Blaschke said of this:

This year, as Pluto transits the 30th degree of Sagittarius and conjoins the 1988 Saturn-Uranus conjunction degree, while concurrently Saturn and Uranus prepare to oppose in the heavens, a brutal financial reality has been laid bare: our global economy has been built on a house of cards over the last 20 years and now it has come tumbling down. With the opposition of Saturn and Uranus exposing just how pervasive is the problem, and with the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn, the party is over.

So surprise, surprise, Transiting Pluto hits the U. S. Venus and our money systems die. Pluto now hits the U. S. Jupiter and the people’s civil rights are usurped. When Pluto hits our Sun we will realize we are a plutocracy, that is ruled by the rich, rather than a democracy, and when it hits Mercury, our business systems will be cooked altogether. No wonder we have visions of dystopian sugar plums dancing across our television screens.

All this seems very grim and it is. Pluto’s lessons are not for the faint of heart. These lessons must be faced with clarity and courage. This is not the time to sit in front of our television stuffing popcorn in our faces whining about the unfairness of it all.

Right now a grand trine exists between the U.S. Progressed Moon in Libra, the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and the U. S. Mars in Gemini. The people, represented by the Moon, need to do something, to make some noise, to make our voices heard, to remind our elected officials who they work for. We can’t stop Pluto from its drive through the heavens, but we can climb on the chariot and transform things for the better, instead of for the worse.

And in case you aren’t clear about the type of world we should work for check out the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

U. S. Solar Return

U. S. Solar Return

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The Astrology of Accidents: Mars Says “Let’s Do It Again!”

Anatomy of a knee (Astrology Explored) Regular readers are familiar with my thread “Tales of Mercury Retrograde” in which I recount the various and often funny tales of what happens when the planet closest to the sun temporarily loses its lead position to the earth.

Computer and car mishaps are common fodder for Mecury Rx high jinx, less often are accidents, unless of course it hooks up with other planets.

Eileen Nauman, medical astrologer wrote on her FB book a few weeks ago as Mercury was about to go direct:

THE DOWNSIDE of Mercury direct on 4.4 at 23 Pisces, Pluto retrograde at 9 Capricorn and Mars direct at 3 Virgo. I’ve already posted the “up” side of this combo of planets. Now, for the dark side. Hope it don’t come true, but astrology is a forecasting tool, so here goes. Accidents of all kinds and types are in the air from 4.2 through 4.16. With Mars in the mix, it is tendons, ligaments and muscle injuries. And these won’t be acute accidents. If you injure yourself in any way during this period, it can mean a long rehab and could turn chronic on you. Car/airplane accidents, tripping, falling, etc., are in the air for all signs.

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Life Cycle Astrology: Prince Philip’s Health

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip

Buckingham Palace announced that 90 year old Prince Philip had a “good night” after heart surgery where he given a stent to treat a blocked coronary artery.

In his later years, the consort of queen has amazed many with his stamina, attending 400 hundred engagements a year, giving 7 speaking engagements a month while engaging in competitive carriage racing. As the Prince turned 90 he scaled back his schedule, joking to Oldie magazine who gave him an Oldie Award:

“There is nothing like it for morale to be reminded that the years are passing — ever more quickly — and that bits are beginning to drop off the ancient frame. But it is nice to be remembered at all.”

Philip has been active in sports up through his 70’s though a wrist injury forced him to give up polo when he was 50. He has had minor brushes with health issues over the years, the latest one prior a lung infection in 2008. Still, overall, and especially for his age, he is a healthy man. Surprisingly then, even though stent surgery is usually very low risk, with most patients returned home within 24 hours, his astrology chart shows that Phillip isn’t out of the woods yet. Continue reading

Sun Sign Astrology: Your Personal Yearly Cycle

Did you ever say, “I hate that month?” Well perhaps it just isn’t about the weather or the pollen count, but when that month falls in your yearly cycle.

Steven Forrest wrote quite elegantly in his book The Inner Sky about the cycles of the outer planets and their effect on the birth chart. This grand broad canvass neatly points out the periods of serious personal development in each human’s life. But there are other cycles that are perhaps a little more immediate, one of them being your yearly cycle.

Your Sun sign is the start of your personal year, a reason why astrologers like to cast a chart called a solar return chart for some readings. As much as some astrologers disparage Sun Sign astrology, your Sun sign is the keystone for your whole approach to life.

The cycle looks like this: Continue reading

Transit of Mars–Jupiter Meets The Inner Warrior

Rose as Vicki(Astrology Explored)

My current Facebook status reads like this:

If I can only get my doctor to write this note: Due to Jupiter transiting Beth’s Mars and the Grand Cross connected to it, excuse Beth from work for the next several weeks. Trust me, it will work out better for all concerned.

If there were only short term disability benefits for difficult transits.

Jupiter is getting set to switch zodiac signs from brash Aries to the gentle, patient bull which it will do 9 days hence on June 9. Jupiter doesn’t care much either way. I guess even the big boys needs some down time. But you can be sure my Mars in the sign of its detriment cares very much. People with Mars in Taurus spend a lifetime trying to balance the competing needs of the god of action against the zodiac sign of patience and care. Unlike any planet in Capricorn who foresees the payoff in the future and plays it cool, Mars in Taurus wants to take the defensive posture of a charging bull. Continue reading

Sunday’s Cardinal Grand Cross: Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

April 10. 2011 Grand CrossIn a Facebook group to which I belong someone asked this question of the group.

Rumor has it the Moon in Cancer becomes part of a Grand Cross in the cardinal signs as the Moon squares Mars in Aries (1:53AM PDT), opposes Pluto in Capricorn (4:02AM PDT), squares Saturn in Libra (2:46PM PDT), and also squares Jupiter in Aries (10:27PM PDT).

Makes me dizzy. How do retrogrades affect these things?

This is such an excellent question that I thought it would be good to pen a few observations.

Retrograde is a do over. “Look,” the planet says, “You didn’t pay attention to me the first time, you are going to pay attention to me now!” Like with Saturn, it will hit a sensitive point in your chart, move forward, and move back three times before it moves on. My astrology teacher said, first time is like a tap, the second time its like a smack, and the third is ‘Whap! Upside the head!”

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The Astrology of Transits: The Problem with Mars In Aquarius

Mr. Spock, double exposure(Astrology Explored)

Oh, it’s you.

Didn’t I make it clear last year that I wanted nothing to do with you?

Now here you are crossing over the doorway of my tenth house opposing my Uranus, getting ready to conjunct my Chiron and my Sun.

How dare you.

I don’t care about how cute you supposedly look like with those “Mr. Spock” ears. Nothing you do is “fascinating” to me.

No, I do not want to join a nice gym with you. You have me running around way to much for me to have energy to do anything else.

Look, haven’t you caused enough trouble with my electronics and my appliances? Wasn’t it bad enough that you blew up my oven and I had to spend $80 to purchase a new stove element? Or that the power cord on my computer started to smoke and blew out the connection to the power source? Now I have to replace that too.

And I do not appreciate how you’ve gotten my boss riled up. Trouble like that I don’t need.

I don’t know why you are laughing. I don’t find this amusing at all.

I really couldn’t care less if you think I don’t have a sense of humor. My Mercury is in Capricorn and my sense of humor is a little too dry for you to get anyway.

Am I implying you are stupid? No, but apparently right now you are a little too “out there” to get the message. Why don’t you leave before I call the cops?

Don’t make me get a restraining order on you. You know I will.

Image published under a Creative Commons License as represented by Flickr.

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The Astrology of Evolution: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto At It Again

The Sun in Virgo marches on the join Saturn in his long-term position, shining its light on Old Man Time who is and has been in opposition to Uranus. At the apex of T-Square is the original change agent, Pluto, commanding a position as middleman. This is a story as old as time, the struggle of new power systems against the old.

Once the supreme ruler of the Gods, Uranus, was the son of the primordial goddess, Night. Called the god of the Sky, Uranus presided over a human race that was morally pure, that did the right thing naturally. Uranus made the Earth, Gaia, his wife and mated with her each night. However, he hated the children of Gaia, most of who were monstrously formed. He imprisoned them and Gaia hated him for it. She devised a plan to free her children by persuading, one child, Saturn to dethrone his father. The Earth Mother gave him a flint sickle with which Saturn attacked his father, castrating him and destroying his procreative power.

Flint sickles were used before the development of metal implements. During the late Stone Age Neolithic humans domesticated wild cereals and grains, became farmers and left their hunter-gatherer ways behind. It is theorized that during the hunter-gatherer phase and through the entire Neolithic phase humans operated cooperatively but did not have the capacity for self-awareness, what is call the bi-cameral mind. Instead, mental processes of early humans operated in a state where independent thought was perceived as the voice of god. Thus humans perceived an ongoing and intimate relationship with god where god directly controlled their actions.

The difference between this ancient father/son pair is that while Uranus assumed his role as the primordial “father sky” instinctually, commanding the collective naturally, Saturn used conscious intent to command control. As hunter-gatherers, humans reacted to the environment, “naturally,” while as farmers assumed more control and organization over their environment. As the survival strategies of humans changed, their gods changed too signaling an evolving, though not a fully evolved, consciousness.

As “the son” Saturn faces “the father” Uranus in the sky, the push pull of imposed order over primordial collective instinct plays out once again. Interestingly enough, Saturn is one point of a Yod, called the finger of God, pointing directly at Saturn’s usurper, Jupiter, who was called Zeus by the Greeks. Uranus is in Aquarius, indicating a destined change in the collective consciousness. Pluto in Capricorn is the signal a change from the old economic and political systems to the new. Having evolved past the bicameral mind to conscious thought, from collective group action to the rise of the individual, what evolution awaits us now?


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The Astrology of the Life Cycle: For Everything There Is A Season

Astrology ClockRaise your hands, who remembers Gail Sheehy’s book Passages. Ok, now that you’ve just dated yourself, do you remember what the book was about? In Ms. Sheehy’s bestseller, which was all the rage when I was in college, she talked about the developmental stages of adults, which was broken up roughly into the decades of our lives, the twenties, the thirties, the forties, etc. This was ground breaking stuff, since up until then the cultural thinking was that was when you became an adult, you were pretty well done developmentally, or as Judge Judy would say “cooked.” And in seeing that the people around me were hitting these developmental milestones, what she was talking about seemed to make sense.

Then a decade later, I started a serious study of astrology and learned, ta da, that astrologers knew all about these milestones and have been talking about them for quite some time. In fact, there is a timetable of events that is more predictable than Jay Leno’s jokes, that defines significant developmental markers.

At age seven , our progressed moons make a square with our natal moons. Here is the first separation from the parent, the first inkling of independence. In the Catholic Church, age seven is when you can make your First Communion, since at that age, you can distinguish between right and wrong and can confess your little seven year old heart’s sins.

At age fourteen, is the first major energetic connection is the waxing Uranium sextile. When Uranus in motion in the heavens is 60 degrees away from the position of Uranus at the time of birth, Uranium electricity surges through the new ly forged energetic connection and activates the drive to act as an individual. Uranus demands separation from the parent.

Age twenty one, the traditional legal age of adulthood, is the first Uranium trine. Just try to stop these folks from going out on their own! Their sense of adulthood and adult entitlement blossoms and in individuals who have matured properly, there is a readiness to leave childhood behind, to take on the challenges of adulthood. The individual has the first run at establishing a career and social identity, though without the life and death seriousness of later years. Sometimes, during this time, the nascent adult retreats back to the comfort of the home to regroup, only to go back out in the world with better defined goals.

At age twenty nine, Saturn comes back to its original position in the natal chart. Known as the Saturn Return, it is a significant passage to serious adulthood. As a gateway to the thirties, where we traditionally establish our permanent homes and our own families, it is often fraught with fears and worries. An emotionally trying time,the individual struggles to clarify his or her adult identity. There is a real sense that it is time to grow up for real, and the need to establish his or her own family becomes a real priority. First homes or the birth of a child often accompanies the first Saturn Return. This is the start of definition of ourselves in what we do for other people.

Most women dread turning forty, because for us in this culture, it marks the beginning of the end of the childbearing cycle. Sand has started to shift, as they say, and our lives during the thirties had taken a serious turn which is continued in the forties. However, in the forties, there is a series of major transits that has come to be known as the mid-life crisis. Here the progressed moon opposes the natal position, taking the opposite viewpoint of your emotional center, so to speak. Certainly you feel at odds with yourself as you realize that your youth is slipping away and your role in society is shifting slightly. On top of that Uranus, opposes its natal position, and for many of us, we feel that everything we have done is little appreciated. On top of that Neptune squares its own natal position, making it difficult to see issues clearly. Feeling constrained with the roles we’ve carved out of society, we want to kick up our heels and do what feels good for us. This is OK if you’ve decided to take up fitness dancing, but it doesn’t work if you decide to have an affair. Marriages can break up during this difficult series of transits, especially if both partners are about the same age. The goal for this set of transits is to define yourself not in terms of what you do for other people, but in how you contribute to society with the gifts you offer society as an individual.

The next set of transits hit around age fifty five and fifty eight or nine. Uranus and Neptune trine their natal positions, opening us up to a new spiritual connection. Having explored our inner truth, we want to reconnect to more Universal truths. Many times, an interest in established religion is reinvigorated, or there is an interest in reinginited in education. These transits dovetail into the Second Saturn return, where we process what we’ve accomplished in the preceding adult years, and assess how well we have attained our goals.

Well past your fifties, you still grow as an individual. the gateway to the last third of your life, the Second Saturn returns makes you aware of your accomplishments. You evaluate what you have done during your life and the results of your life work. Now are you ready to to pass on what your have learned, share the combined knowledge of your life so far. You may do this as acting as a mentor to younger coworkers, in community work or with your grandchildren. Successfully navigating the Saturn Return prepares you for the remaining phases of life here on earth before we all take the journey home.

Around age 62 and 63 we face the one two punch or the first Plutonian square and another transiting Uranus square natal Uranus. Here we feel we are being pushed out in favor of the younger generation who are ready to take up the reins of power. As with any Uranian transit you are being asked to redefine your role in society. Resisting this transit and denying your changing role will only bring more stress. Recognizing this transit as the proper time to free yourself of societal expectations is liberating. Of course, we need to acknowledge and accept that we are no longer young, quite a challenge for baby boomers, with perpetually youthful Leo in Uranus as the signature of their generation. If we accomplish most of what we’ve set out to do, we look forward to our remaining years as a time of spiritual exploration.

Age 70 brings us to the 3rd Progressed moon opposing the Natal Moon. Here is the true retirement age, when we put aside our workday endeavors.

In our early eighties, between the ages of 82 to 84, we experience Uranus returning to its natal place and transiting Neptune opposing the natal position in the birth chart. With the Uranus return and the Neptune opposition there is either a sense of accomplishment of becoming the type of person you were meant to be or frustration that goals were not achieved. This can be a physically trying time depending on other aspects in the chart. Often times this is age when the soul chooses to return home.”

These heavy hitters brings into focus our spiritual connection, our contributions to the world and the need to prepare for the next journey.

Photo printed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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