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(Astrology Explored) Why Is The 29º Of A Planet (the anaretic degree) considered More Than All The Other degrees?

Mercury is retrograde which is my excuse. I have bunches of good astrology articles on Quora that aren’t getting as much love as they should and the WordPress phone app makes it easy to post, so I’m sharing a few here.

Astrologer Anthony Picco asked me the above question on Quora, and pleased as punch I answered it straight away.

Astrologers consider 29 degrees of any sign an anaretic, or critical degree. Actually, there is a broad list of critical degrees, and not just the number 29.

Here is a list critical degrees I got from Cafe Astrology:

Classic critical degrees are as follows:

0, 13, and 26 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)

8-9 and 21-22 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius); and

4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

And then there are 29 degrees which also seems significant. But why? Continue reading

Astrologer’s Mailbox: Golden Girl Seeks Career Advice

(Astrology Explored)

Question: I closed my small business 2 years ago and wonder if I’m to find work again or what ?

Birthdate: 9-9-1948
Birth Time: 6:49pm cst
Birth Place: Great Lakes, Illinois

Dear Golden Girl,

I’ll do my best to condense a very complicated situation into a few paragraphs.

When you shed your business two years ago you felt like a weight was lifted off your shoulders. And when your moon progressed into Aries you were perfectly happy to live off the proceeds and do what you wanted. However, you weren’t exactly careful about conserving your resources and when they became a little thin, you took out a loan to continue the lifestyle to which you became accustomed. Now the piper wants payment. Continue reading

Reader’s Astrology Question: Troubles With A Relationship Yod

(Astrology Explored)


– I am new in astrology, and looked up my own and my lovers composite and synastry chart. – even something that’s called Combin chart…in our composite chart is a pattern obvious, called Yod, – I have been searching for some profound explanations, but couldn’t find anything,- in fact I got instead completely confused. Then I found your comments and that seemed very experienced!
would you please have a look at it and tell me?

Saturn is the basis of this Yod pattern, and seems to be anyway the planet that troubles us most, – at least that is, what I see…
– we have a sort of beautiful/difficult connection, on and off for almost 8 years now, and I’d love to know, what you say to all this:

Woman born January 1st 1962 in Trier, Germany,
Man born August 9th 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden

I’d be happy for any light you could bring into my darkness… thanks a lot.

Answer: Continue reading

The Astrology of Saturn: Get Thee Back Satan!

(Astrology Explored) In my mailbox today a reader sent this:

I am a Libra, and have been undergoing a lot of difficulty over the past three years as you know. I was hoping you could explain something to me.

As I understand it, Saturn only visits signs for two years, but we Libras had to have it for three. That doesn’t seem fair.Mostly what I want to say is the fact that what Saturn did to me was make me lose my job. I noticed things going south back in October 2009 though at the time I didn’t know why. I was later laid off due to budgetary reasons in a mass company layoff in December 2010. I still don’t have a new job even though Saturn supposedly left in October 2012 and it’s January 2013. But now it’s in my financial house. So the one area of my life, which is my income, that Saturn has completely destroyed while it was in Libra, will now continue to suffer for yet another three years because even though it has “left”, it managed to stay in the one and only area where I actually need relief. So I would really like to know if you can offer any explanation or hope, to those Libras that will now have to suffer this miserable planet devastating their lives for a total of 6 years. Not 2, not even 3, but 6. Because I am my only source of income and am currently on unemployment. I am about to lose everything. In October things were supposed to get better but they are not, due to the fact that Saturn is staying with me in the one area where I needed it to get the hell out.

I’m sure there are other Libras that have suffered Saturn’s influence in terms of finances and employment, and for those of us that have, we now have to continue to endure this nightmare for another three years. So our suffering didn’t end in October 2012, but will continue for a total of six years. I suffered great financial loss already for three years and now I find out that this will continue for another three years until 2015. Where’s MY relief from this damned planet?

The short answer is this. When you learn Saturn’s lesson.

Saturn is not something you wait out until the ride is over. None of the planets are like that, except maybe the moon, where you can schedule your monthly mental health days.

Now wait. Saturn doesn’t want to punish you. Really. Saturn is like your mom and dad who push you to do things because it’s good for you, not necessarily because you want to do it.

According to Monique Pommier about Saturn in Libra:

it is a key participant in the dawn of dynamic selfhood. On the other hand, the self-expression or the creative will of the exalted Sun (Sun in AR) calls for the balancing and adjusting function of Saturn (LI).

Now most of us adore Libras. You’re fun and social and the life of the party. But being one of the two Venus ruled signs you are a little spoiled. You expect things and people to fall into your lap just as you wish it.

Saturn is your wake-up call.

And once you realize that Saturn is here to help you, you’ll like it. Or rather you’ll like the sense of balance and grounding you’ll get from learning its lessons. You’re a Libra. You live for balance.

Where Saturn is in the chart is where you need to do some work. If Saturn is going through your second house, then its an excellent time to look at your finances and do some serious planning (Saturn is planning). What are your resources, what kind of help can you get?

Saturn is not interested in stripping you of everything you have. Pluto does that. Saturn wants you to build on foundations. If your financial house is on shaky foundations, then you need to build a new house.

Saturn in the second can actually bring you a job. It may not be a job you like, or you have to work harder than you like, but you can have a job. You might have turned down an offer or two because they don’t quite come up to your standards. Maybe you should rethink that.

So all in all it sounds like you have some work to do. Things won’t get better until you do. Even if you managed to hunker down and wait for the worst to pass, you find you’ll be dealing the with results of not doing the work on your problems for years to come. So please stop treating Saturn as the devil to beat back. He is only here to help.

And by the way it wasn’t Saturn that lost you your job. It was Uranus.

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Reader’s Question: Stuck!

astrologers-mailbox-copyGreetings. I was born on 9-18-56 at 8:27 a.m. in Bradford, PA (McKean Co.), US. This week’s astrology forecast for Virgos talks about examining motives. I’m on my soul search for next life path. In which direction do I look/head/place my feet? In other words, when will I know the town/job/person is right for me? So far, no options on the horizon. Thanks!

You are feeling “stuck” in place, rather like a fly caught on fly paper, and this is due to influence of Saturn, the taskmaster, the voice of duty and responsibility, hence your feeling of “no options on the horizon”. Transiting Saturn is sitting on your Sun, while your progressed Sun is sitting on your Natal Saturn.

Let’s talk about progressions for a moment, because past the first Saturn Return at age 29, trying to talk about a chart without considering the progressions is rather useless. It’s like trying to print a full color photo when one of the ink colors in your printer cartridge has run out. We all realize that the planets are in motion constantly. While the birth chart is the snapshot in time that captures our essential personality, how the planets moved after that date show how we evolve as individuals. In the most commonly used progressions, called Secondary Progressions, each day after you are born represents a year in your life. As artificial as this seems, the technique works. Carol Rushman, in her book “The Art of Predictive Astrology”, says that progressions are essential in predicting the timing of events.

Key to the timing of events is the position of the progressed Moon, which for you is running through your fifth house of romance and in the sign of freedom loving Aquarius. If you look you will see the progressed Moon is within 4 degrees of transiting Neptune and opposite within 5 degrees of your Natal Pluto. This lends a Scorpionic intensity to your emotional landscape while at the same time blurring the line between fantasy and reality. While I suspect you have always found yourself drawn of obsessive and mostly hopeless love relationships due to your Natal Moon in Pisces opposite by a wide margin your Natal Pluto, you may find yourself drawn once again into this habit pattern. Mainly, the big problem here is that while you have intense feelings for another person, you are feeling alone and misunderstood. The Progressed Moon in Aquarius is begging you to stop defining yourself by your relationships with others and to start defining yourself by your relationship with yourself. If you are wondering why you are feeling stuck, it is because you are wrestling and (I suspect) resisting this issue.

There are a few things to do here. First, I recommend strongly that you seek out the help of a good counselor, someone who you feel comfortable in confiding your deepest thoughts. If you are in therapy now, the recommendation is that you switch therapists.

Second you should start writing, a journal or a blog would be good. You need to help yourself understand the intensity of your emotions and putting the thoughts into a concrete form will help you do that.

Third look into vocational training (or a few classes) to punch up your job skills. As stuck as feel now, there are big changes due in your life and you need to be prepared for them when they come.

As I’ve said before, a full reading is beyond the scope of this column and there is more I would say in a counseling session, but hopefully this will get you started in on the right track in sorting out key issues in your life.

Good luck,



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Reader’s Astrology Question: Compatibility

astrologers-mailbox-copyThe querent only put this in her email “My and my partner’s compatibility”, nothing else. Yikes! Sometimes though we have only this little to go on. All one can do is read the symbols, so here it is.

My astrology teacher was fond of saying “We draw people to us for our own soul growth.” Your chart and that of your partner’s illustrates this point well.

I don’t think you’ve could have found a more perfect person to help you work on the rough edges of your soul. So many of your partner’s planets fall on top of yours that I am sure that for both of you the experience of your relationship is that it is hard to tell where one person ends and the other person begins. This is just the sort of experience that a Moon in Scorpio person, like your partner, craves.

To add another layer to this complex relationship, both of you are very psychic whether you realize it or not. For you this comes from your twelfth house Moon in the water sign Cancer. For your partner, it is the Scorpio Moon, of all things, in challenge aspect to Pluto. Both of you have an inner radar that spends a considerable amount of time scoping out the motives of the other person. The trouble is, for both of you, you are looking right into a mirror!

So what is the problem here? We’ve got two things going on. The first is your Mars, the planet of your survival instincts at the top of your chart. It is in the watery, emotional, chameleon-like sign of Pisces, and Mars hates to be in Pisces. People can’t figure out your motives, think you are up to something sneaky, (whether you are or not), and don’t think your actions matches your words. You don’t stand up for yourself well, and when you do take a stand, it is in such a confused, disjointed way, that other people hardly know what you are talking about. Oh, they know you are upset; you communicate your distress well enough, but the cause of it, that is another matter. It does not help that your moon is in the twelfth house, the place where we conceal ourselves. Since Cancer is about protection, you protect yourself by not sharing what you feel. If you are honest with yourself you will admit that you do not communicate your emotional needs well.

Your partner’s issues are about control. With that Moon square Pluto, this is a person who needs to control the emotional content of the relationship. In extreme cases, it is about control of another person and this is where this can get difficult. Understand that for the Moon in Scorpio person, the world is not the solid and sure place that other people perceive it be. They have a sense that reality is much different than their perceptions, and they are always reaching to figure out that reality. If your partner is constantly questions your motives and your actions, it is because of the interaction of the dynamics of your Mars and your partner’s Moon. In other words, your partner probes and questions and you withdraw, making your partner probe and question some more.

There is so much more to this, that a few paragraphs in a column hardly do it justice. My advice to you is this: get thee both to a couple’s counselor. Both of you need to learn how to make this relationship emotionally safe for each of you, and let’s face it, neither one of you is doing that particularly well.

Note to my readers: Check out my relationship astrology guest post over at Sasstrology, Neptune in the Seventh House: The Cinderella Complex.


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