In honor of #Sagittarius season: 4 planets in the 9th house?

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Astrologer's MailboxWhat does it mean if I have 4 planets in the 9th house: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars?

I cannot give you a complete answer because I do not have your chart (and please don’t put it up or give me birth info, because I don’t read individual charts on Quora.)

The ninth house rules publishing, teaching, law, and travel. The zodiac sign that rules the 9th house is Sagittarius. Even if your sun is not in Sagittarius, you’ll share many of the attitudes and traits of a Sagittarian individual. You may be gregarious and the life of the party. You may impress many people for no damn reason at all, and know too much for your own good. Endlessly optimistic, you’ve lost more than one lover because of your fearless cheeriness in the morning. Don’t worry. There is always another.

Publishing, teaching, law and/or travel play a prominent role in your life. You may find you end up in more legal troubles than the average person, again for no damn reason other than the Universe seems to have it out for you, or it just wants to test your ability to act as your own lawyer. Remember what they say about who is a fool in this instance.

You’ll be a teacher one way or another. Either you are a teacher, teach some sort of class somewhere or coach kids. You love kids, someone else’s that is. But if and or when you have them you’ll spoil them rotten, much to the consternation of the other parent.

Secretly you dream about being a great writer. However, writing is hard work, so unless you have some grounding elements in your chart, you’d rather have someone else write it. You are the person who walks up to a writer at a party and says, “I have a great idea for a book. Why don’t you write it and we’ll split the profits?” This is why writers drink so often and have lawyers on speed dial.

You love the idea of travel but you may be a poor traveler. However, that doesn’t stop you from dreaming of exotic climes. You love all kinds of maps, even that funky one drawn by J.R.R. Tolkien’s son, Christopher, from Lord of the Rings. You even know that’s who drew the map. Secretly you want to be an elf.

When the Temptations sang “Papa is a rolling stone,” they were talking about you. Hey, at least you’ll gather no moss.

Disclosure: I have two planets in the 9th house, which gives me license to poke fun at people with a prominent ninth house. 🙂

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Astrology in the Houses: Being a Tenth House Gal in an Eighth House World

Eighth House MoonUp to last week, I’ve put pressing eighth house issues, insurance, taxes, (though thank the Lord, not goods of the dead) on the back burner, while I pursued my usual tenth house issues, the place where my Sun resides.

I’m comfortable in the tenth house. I know the territory and I know the players. I know how things will work out when I do XYZ, and let’s face it, I’m a gal that likes to “be in charge.”

Up to this point my Progressed Moon has been sailing through the eighth house pretty easily. Even when she caught up with Jupiter and Neptune, Neptune let me ignore certain issues without too much bother. Then Mars moved into opposition to my Progressed Moon and the proverbial Hades broke loose.

All of a sudden, the eighth house smacked me in the face, forcing me to resolve my back burner issues. And like anything with the eighth house, it isn’t pretty.

In the eighth issues remain isolated and buried beneath the surface. Most people with a significant eighth house signature are able to keep a pretty tight lid on the volcanic issues that seethe beneath at least for a while. This is the initial survival strategy of the eighth house, “Let’s hide it, so we don’t have to deal with it.” Yet the issues don’t go away, and the time will come when the issue erupts.

For a tenth house , take charge, in charge person like myself, to have things slip out of control is torture. Call it a need of the ego. In fact, all of the fixed signs have some aspect to themselves where they want to remain in charge and in control. Taurus controls their resources. Leo commands the spotlight, Aquarius insists on their freedom, and Scorpio keeps a tight reign on their rich inner life and emotional needs. Cross a fixed sign in that particular ego need at your own peril. The fixed sign insists on control on these issues and declines to reach out to others even when things get too sticky for them.

Yet here is the key to the eighth house. If you do not reach out, you stay alone and isolated within the eighth house prison, with no resolution to your issues. Where in the seventh house we form partnerships, in the eighth house, we need to let go of our ego drives to allow other people to be part of the solution. Whether you need to rely on the relatives to resolve a financial need, or you need to employ a therapist to help you through psychological issues, the answer lies not within yourself but in the synergy where “whenever two or more of you are gathered together, all things are possible.”

Of course to do this you must expose your seamy underside to others. You have to allow your pain to be shared. You have to admit that you do not have all the answers. In other words, you have to admit to yourself and the world that you are only human.


Now you know why the eight house is called the House of Transformation.

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The Eighth House: Transformation and Transcendence

tranformationAll the natural water houses, the fourth, eighth and the twelfth houses are naturally difficult to understand. When we talk about matters concerning the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, we are wading into the waters of emotions and of the soul. These are the houses of our private lives: the houses of our secrets.

The fourth house is our house of family, of intimacies exchanged within shared living spaces, of family secrets. The twelfth house is the house of our connection with the wider Universe, our psyches and the intersection of body, mind and soul. The eighth house is where we deeply explore the mysteries of the Universe, how we process our earthly experiences to gain spiritual knowledge.

The natural ruler of the eighth house is Scorpio, which is ruled traditionally by Mars and in modern times by Pluto. While the fourth house is tenanted by a cardinal sign and the twelfth a mutable, the eighth carries the fixity of purpose of Scorpio. Part of the Scorpio strategy is to “hide in plain sight” of not revealing the seething emotions of this sign. He does this in order to avoid having his emotional nature exploited.

As does all the the water signs, Scorpio senses reality in multiple dimensions. Cancer naturally understands the mundane emotional multi layer geography of family life, and Pisces understands herself as a citizen of an incredibly multilayered Universe. Scorpio stands in the doorway between the mundane to the Universal. Scorpio senses that there is more to life than the five senses to present and he naturally seeks to attain arcane knowledge to validate this perception.

The modern ruler of the eighth house is the powerful planet Pluto. Discovered in 1938 it was, until recently, the last of the modern planets. It defined the boundary of our solar system for most people.

The Greek God of the Underworld has a history rich in personal drama. The son of Saturn, he was swallowed at birth, along with his siblings, by his father, to avoid a prophecy that Saturn would be overthrown by one of his children. Freed by Jupiter, he formed an alliance with Jupiter and powerful Neptune to depose Saturn as King of the Heavens. In drawing lots for the dominion of the world, he drew the Underworld, where he ruled dispassionately, presiding over the fate of souls dispatched to his realm by death. Unlike his philandering brothers, his heart was engaged only once when he spied the beautiful daughter of Mother Earth, Ceres. Breaching the crust of the earth, he kidnapped the girl and forcibly made her his wife. The earth has not been the same since. It was transformed from an evergreen paradise to a barren place by Ceres’ grief over the loss of her daughter. At the intervention of Jupiter an agreement was brokered where Persephone could be with her mother half of the year. Since then the earth experiences four seasons with Spring and Summer as the time Persephone spends with her mother.

The Eight House itself is rich these dramas, sex, death, rape, loss, and dramatic transformations. In a world that the Buddhists insist is only an illusion, it is where we deal with endemic change to our world and our beliefs, where we enter as one thing and emerge another. It is where we are stripped to our essential essence then forced to build a new reality for ourselves. In the end it the place of transcendence were we emerge from this painful journey with a new understanding of how the Universe works.

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